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  1. Gallery Show at Team One


    At Le Book’s Connections NYC in June, Lisa Matthews, Manager of Art Buying at Los Angeles based Team One stopped by the Brite booth.  While catching up with her over my images in the Wanderings Journal and talking about my family’s trip around the world, Lisa suggested showing some of the images and a reception at their agency gallery. 

    Knowing the Team One art buyers are seasoned and innovative and that the gallery was founded as a way to keep their creatives engaged, I was honored to hear the Wanderings work met their criteria.  




    Curating the show was a six-month collaborative process, ending with my hand-printing the final 12 images and finally the actual show on December 19th — where it will be on display until February.


    At the show, discussing a preview copy of Wanderings Vol 1. Andrea Rosenfeld.


    With Art Buyers Rachel Crain and Andrea Rosenfeld, enjoying a moment at the show.


  2. A behind the scenes look of the printing to Wanderings Vol 1. 


  3. This project was really moving on so many different levels.  

    As soon as I heard about the project from Xavier I loved the concept and I immediately wanted to be part of the project.

    It was such a positive way to discuss a subject that is often difficult to deal with. What a fantastic idea, to take the fact that during chemotherapy you loose your hair and turn that around to make it a source of laughter and joy. I did some tests in my garage with a two-way mirror knowing that if that didn’t work then we could always cut a hole in a normal mirror but it worked perfectly. You got reflections on our side of the mirror but we built a closed box around me to solve that problem.

    The layouts were just of the smile, but on the first photo I was shooting our subject with her eyes closed to check focus and we decided to do that for everyone. I was quite nervous during all the photos as really you only got one chance per portrait. We were using strong flash because of the density of the mirror, which required a lot of light. The video you see was shot in very slow motion but it really happened so fast. With the video you can see the time it takes to register, I had to shoot immediately. It was very intense.

    What is lovely about the concept is that it works on so many different levels. It brings awareness to Foundation Mimi in Belgium, which helps people as they negotiate cancer treatment, but it also creates such wonderful memories for everyone involved. In the few days since the video was released many people have asked that we do more as it is an end to itself.

    Katy who is on the cover of the book died just over a month after we took her portrait, she was very sick but brought such beauty to the project. I hope that with this photo we created a memory for her husband and four year old daughter. She certainly has changed my life and created a beautiful memory for me.



  4. A few more portraits from the train.


  5. And we continued on, having started last night in the foothills of the Himalayas. By dawn we moved through the countryside and smaller towns, soon we were close to the urban sprawl that is Delhi.

    India is incredible, just the concept of 1.2 billion people boggles the mind. As a photographer it is exhausting. There are people to shoot everywhere; it takes time to digest the noise, the heat, and more people than you can imagine. Everywhere.