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: Dear Friends, We came back to Rangoon before...

  1. Dear Friends,

    We came back to Rangoon before leaving Myanmar and visited the Schwedagon Pagoda, the holiest place in the country.

    The morning of our flight I headed out early hoping for a last photo. There were two monasteries close to the hotel. Close to the first there was a small tea shop full of monks and some beckoned me in. We shared breakfast and they practiced their English with me. As they left, I tried to pay but they insisted on paying for my breakfast. They also allowed me to take their portrait. I felt very privileged. They then brought me to visit their monastery, which has over 500 monks. They have houses with about 20 monks each and sleep on thin mattresses in a large room, they put their mattresses away when they wake up and wash outside. On the walls were the thoughts of their teacher.

    The Way Of The Successful.

    1. One shall work for a long time

    2. One shall work without cessation

    3. One shall work without arrears

    4. One shall work respectfully

    5. One shall work happy